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XDOG Resistance Band (2.4 M)

XDOG Resistance Band (2.4 M)

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  • SUPPORT HEALTHY JOINTS: The XDOG Resistance Band is the perfect piece of dog agility equipment to turn a session of playtime into a strength training workout for your dog. The band provides up to 132 kg of low impact resistance that conditions your dog's fixator muscles to support joint health and reduce the risk of injury.

  • BOOST CORE STRENGTH: Our dog resistance bands mimic the effect of hill work from the comfort of your backyard. Resistance changes based on your dog's distance from the tether point for the perfect dynamic dog activity to build rear leg muscles & core strength.

  • EASY TO USE: Each set includes 1 x 2.4 M resistance band w/ clips, 1 x ground strap, and 1 x XDOG carrying pouch. Simply use the clips to attach the band to your XDOG weighted dog vest, then use the ground strap to attach the band to a tree, pole, or fence. (Vest not included.)

  • GREAT FOR HIGH ENERGY DOGS: Dogs need sufficient exercise to promote mental health, reduce anxiety, and prevent behavioral issues. Our resistance bands are the ultimate dog training equipment to challenge your dog to keep them both mentally and physically fit.


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