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Power & Weight Harness

Power & Weight Harness

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Color: Black

Weight Loss, Exercise, Walking, Muscle, shape

  • Adjustable Weights, Distributed Training - The service dog vest allows you that individually add / reduce weight ingots (Need to buy 230g/pc weight ingots Separately) on the chest, front shoulders, back, waist, Build stronger muscles and strengthen on parts that you want for improving explosive takeoff and speed
  • Safe Material, Easy Operation - The material of dog weighted vest can be used for resistance for up to 1,000 pounds, Heavy - duty stitching, Adjustable, The weighted dog harness worn almost like a jacket is perfect fit for dog to training with less effort. you can add a challenge to dog by hook up the harness to some weight or dog training cart
  • Building Natural Muscle & Relieve Anxiety - Dog weighted vest can build muscle and strength during of dog walking, Doesn't have to take extra time. Burn excess energy in a aggressive dog and calming her down quickly. Shedding an Unhealthy Pound, Help pitbull to reduce an anxiety to promote a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Recommend Small Medium Large Dogs - No pull dog harness with pockets are available in 5 size XS/S/M/L/XL, Adjustable weights vest fits dog's weight from 25lb to 156lb (all 5 sizes), The almost of dog breed can be worn tactical weighted dog harness
  • Unbundling Sales & Save More - The dogs are accustomed to use the vest without weights at first, and then gradually add the weights during training. So We sell weight ingots separately, so that you can buy any number of weights by training requirement, Rather than buying a large quantity of weights one time, You will save more.


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