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V2 Replacement Lenses

V2 Replacement Lenses

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Add some spice to your Rex Specs V2 Frames. Available in nine different shades to meet your dog's needs.

Rex Specs lenses are all engineered from premium materials to provide protection from anything your dog may encounter. All of our lenses are impact resistant and UV 400 rated, blocking 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Below is our lens guide to help you decide which lens is right for your pup.

1. Remove Lens

Remove the lens by grabbing the muzzle area and top area of the goggle and pull apart

2. Insert New Lens

Start putting the new lens into the frame by engaging the two tabs located at the muzzle area of the goggle.

Next, engage the side tabs one at a time if your goggle has them. Make sure these are clicked in all the way before moving to the tabs along the top of the goggle.

Line up, then engage the upper side tabs. Save the top middle tab for last!

Pro Tip:

If you’re having a hard time engaging some of the tabs, wiggle the frame/lens back and fourth to find the sweet spot.

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