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K9 Streetfighter Harness

K9 Streetfighter Harness

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The LOF K9 StreetFighter Vest is a soft body armour protective vest for your K9 companion. This protective vest is specially designed to be lightweight and mobile while also protecting the K9’s vital organs without them becoming exhausted from excessive heat and weight. Aiding alongside the bullet-resistant armour, the StreetFighter vest also contains an inner layer of Outlast Thermal Management Systems™ fabric to prevent excessive heat soaking and to help regulate your K9's body temperature keeping them comfortable and cool.

The K9 StreetFighter was engineered as a lightweight, armoured tracking harness that can be worn for entire shifts without causing mobility stress, fatigue, discomfort or overheating.

  • NIJ 0115.00 - SX2 or SX3 Spike // Cut Resistant armour panels available
  • NIJ 0101.06 - GX2 or GX3A Ballistic armour panels available
  • Harness with soft body armour is positively buoyant
  • Protects major vitals but allows K9 to retain full agility
  • Stands up to years of heavy use
  • The high-angle upgrade is available for rappelling and rope work
  • Wide range of adjustment and modular components create a custom fit for each K9
  • Low maintenance design is easy to clean and maintain
  • Our streamlined internal access point allows the chest, shoulder and body armour panels easily removable for cleaning or swapping additional protective inserts for specific missions and deployments.

We redesigned the concept of K9 armour based-on feedback from police and military units who have lost their K9 team members in situations where time was not available to equip their dogs with the right gear.

The K9 StreetFighter is used by Law Enforcement and Special Forces K9 teams globally. It's lightweight design, rapid deployment and Outlast Thermal Management Technology make the StreetFighter a versatile, comfortable harness working dogs can wear for entire shifts ensuring they are always protected when confronting a threat.

Outlast Thermal Management Systems™ (Body Temperature Regulating Fabric)
Interchangeable ballistic panels
Harness and armour are positively buoyant
Compatible with a number of LOF products
Quick and easy to don & doff
Precision manufacturing with quality control built into every process of production

This K9 StreetFighter vest is specifically designed for durable, long-lasting, protection that can easily be upgraded or downgraded at any moment. Offering this ergonomic and lightweight protection system to your K9 is a sure way to ensure that they are safe, but not restricted from performing required duties.
Maximum weight: 4.4 lbs
Upgrades options available for NIJ 0115.00 - SX2 or SX3 Spike // Cut Resistant armour and NIJ 0101.06 - GX2 or GX3A Ballistic armour
Specially tailored sizing options available
Available in MultiCam, MultiCam Black, Black, Navy Blue, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, Coyote Brown.

At the highest Soft Body Armour protection level, the Armoured K9 StreetFighter vest weighs in at a maximum of 4.4 lbs for our largest size and an average of 3.8 lbs based on average working dog weight, depending on armour type. With an incredibly low weight armour solution combined with engineered ergonomics and Outlast Thermal Management Systems, you provide your K9 with life-saving body armour that protects major vital organs, helps prevent heat exhaustion and allows your K9 to retain full agility and work drive.

Multilayered technology simultaneously works together making the StreetFighter the most versatile and wearable K9 protective harness available. MILSPEC mesh provides continuous airflow with rapid water-shedding, embedded Outlast regulates body temperature while our low profile internal access point allows you to add or remove Soft Body Armour panels as needed.

Designed to cover major vital organs such as heart and lungs, the K9 StreetFighter can be equipped with LOF - GX Ballistic Soft Armour or LOF - SX Spike Resistant Soft Armour. Each armour panel is ultrasonically sealed using a coated Nylon keeping all foreign debris out and giving you a 100% waterproof solution.

Preventing carabiner cross-loading, 4000lb load rated V-Rings are located at the front and back giving you positive control in any situation. OEM with AustriAlpin™ COBRA® buckles for unmatched safety and reliability - giving you the option to deploy your K9 in high angle situations.

Upgrade your K9 StreetFighter to give you the safest rappelling rig for your working dog. Load rated for 2000 lbs, our QR K9 Leg Harness is extremely lightweight, flexible and thin enough it can be tucked away inside a jacket pocket or a small pouch.

Many K9 deployments are time crucial. The QR K9 Leg Harness features a simplistic design allowing ease of donning and doffing enabling single-handed operation for releasing and adjusting.  A single AustriAlpin™ COBRA® buckle for securement and a forged metal V-Ring gives you a second rigging point to balance out your K9 when lifting or lowering.

Every K9 StreetFighter Vest incorporates an adjustable load rated drag handle secured with steel hardware and reinforced stitching. Four elastic loops and a sewn web platform allow you to add chem-lights along with electronic strobes or light beacons.

Our contoured shoulder straps were designed to be slightly curved and anchored at a specific angle. Providing complete and positive contact along the shoulders and neckline, this harness will mould to your K9 and guarantee complete freedom of movement while eliminating pressure points and chafing.

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