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Pulling Harness

Pulling Harness

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  • Premium Quality & Strength: Reinforced stitching and sturdy hardware provide exceptional strength and durability. Can withstand energetic pulls for your dog's safety. Longevity of use guaranteed.

  • Comfortable & ergonomic: Padded chest & neck for even force & comfort; adjustable straps for custom fit & free movement without compromising safety.

  • Reflective Safety Features: Safety is our utmost priority. The harness is equipped with reflective stitching and accents, enhancing visibility during low-light conditions. Whether you're sledding during dawn or dusk, rest assured that your dog will be easily spotted, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.

  • Easy-to-Use and Secure Attachment: With its simple design and quick-release buckles, this harness is effortless to put on and take off your furry friend. The strategically placed attachment points ensure a secure connection to the sled or other pulling equipment, minimizing the risk of accidental detachment.

  • Versatile and Adventure-Ready: Our pulling harness is not limited to sledding alone. It is also ideal for skijoring, canicross, or any other pulling activity you and your dog love to engage in. It is a versatile piece of gear that opens up a world of exhilarating adventures together.

  • Built for All Breeds and Sizes: Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, our harness comes in a range of sizes to suit every canine adventurer. Measure your dog's chest girth and consult our size chart to find the perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality.

Note: Always supervise your dog during pulling activities and ensure they are physically fit and properly trained for such activities. Safety should always be your top priority.

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