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RELAXIVET Calming Diffuser Kit for Dogs & Puppy

RELAXIVET Calming Diffuser Kit for Dogs & Puppy

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 An adapter for an electrical outlet is required in Israel

  • 100% DE-STRESS FORMULA: We can provide comfort in your home. Our calming diffuser refill & plug in is one of the best anti-stress products for small & large dog. That helps to reduce seperation anxiety in dogs. A solutions to decrease fighting between cats and allow them to live in harmony
  • DRUG-FREE: The diffuser emits a copy of the harmony marker pheromone. This allows dogs to feel at ease and maintain a harmonious connection with one another.
  • CORRECTION PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOR: Effective for 90% of dogs, to reduce fighting, scratching, urine marking, hiding, firework anxiety and other behavior among dogs, puppies, para, perros in the household.
  • HOW TO USE: The dap defuser starter kit covers an area of up to 700 square feet for 30 days of use. After that, you need to replace the oil refill. Plugin upright into a wall outlet with vents facing up and never into power strips. Unsafe use can cause the diffuser's increase odor or leak.
  • FIRST EFFECT: the best calmer, keep the canine diffuser connected for at least 7 days at all times. Better than collar, vest, spray, chews treats, tabl, pills.
Are you fed up with endless chew toys, torn pillows, tattered clothes, or destroyed furniture? Is your four-legged friend hyperactive and stressed all the time, and you don’t know what to do? Don’t give up the fight against their anxiety, stress, or uncontrolled behaviour! We suggest you try the effective anti-anxiety treatment for dogs and cats provided by us, which helps in modifying your pet’s stress-related conditions.

Improved anti-stress formula with immediate calming effect
● Can be used for both dogs and cats
● Made of completely natural ingredients and absolutely safe
● Continuous calming effect that lasts up to 30 days
● Pleasant and relaxing smell.

IT ALSO HELPS IN FIGHTING AGAINST ALL KINDS OF FEAR AND PHOBIA Our anti-anxiety diffuser refill helps your pet overcome various fears caused by different factors that are the actual reasons for such an anxious state. Your pet could be facing various challenging situations, for instance, adaptation to a new home, thunderstorms, loud noises, being left alone at home, outdoor trips, fighting with other dogs or cats, etc. Take care of your beloved dog or cat, and don’t let them feel stressed or frightened.
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